Friday, 14 March 2008

King Lucius of Britain by David J. Knight

On May 1st 2008 my first book King Lucius of Britain will be released by Tempus.
I began this book in 1995 while ensconced in a cabin on the Gatineau river in Quebec; there I had the occasion, thanks to my brother, to delve into researching the mission of St. Augustine to Canterbury in 597. Out of that investigation came a collection of observations regarding a consistently recurring phenomenon; in all books post 1904 mention of King Lucius are footnoted with the conclusion of Adolph von Harnack that Lucius was actually King of Edessa, King Abgarus the Great to be specific. This never really sat comfortably with me and the more I turned my attention to this the more I realized a mistake had been made. Exposing that mistake has taken a decade of sporadic searching. What this book does is reopen the question of the context and identity of a 2nd century British King otherwise forgotten and pushed into the realm of legend and myth. This book is the first book ever to be solely dedicated to King Lucius and as such offers a foundation and resource for further Archaeological and Historical study.
Did King Lucius of Britain exist? Read the book.